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The Truth About Community Medicaid for the 65 & Older / Disabled Population

Many people have misconceptions about Community Medicaid. A lot of them say “I can’t be eligible for Community Medicaid.” But they’re wrong. Anybody and everybody over the age of 65 or people under 65 with a disability can become eligible for Community Medicaid.

The following is a breakdown of the facts vs. the fictions about Community Medicaid.

  • I own a home so I can’t be eligible.

    If the home is not worth more than $858,000, it’s a non-issue. If the home is worth more than $858,000 then it can be placed in a trust or transferred to another party before applying.

  • I have too much money in the bank.

    You can make many legal transfers of money, or create an irrevocable trust.

  • There is a 5 year look-back period for Medicaid.

    There is no look-back period for Community Medicaid. Assets can be transferred one month and the client can be fully eligible the following month.

  • My income is too high.

    A. You have what is called a Spend-down, meaning any money made over the allowable can be paid to Medicaid each month which makes you eligible.

    B. You can enroll in a Pooled Trust. You deposit the money over the allowable into an account that will pay your monthly bills (rent, utilities, etc.) making you eligible without giving your money to Medicaid.

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